Surface Rights

If you are a landowner in Alberta, it is likely you have had to deal with Oil and Gas companies approaching you regarding Surface Leases. We are experienced in negotiating the highest possible compensation for landowners.

Surface Rights Law in Alberta:


Oil and Gas companies in Alberta have been given the right to access privately held land in order to extract minerals from below the surface. However, they must pay the landowner compensation. This amount is typically negotiated and agreed upon by the landowner and a land agent working representing the Oil and Gas company.


The reality of the situation is that the landowner, with little knowledge of the law or the market value of their Surface Lease, is at a tactical disadvantage.


We are experienced in negotiating increases in Surface Lease compensation, from the initial requests to appearing before the Surface Rights Board, who decide disputes regarding fair compensation.


The Surface Rights Board also typically awards the legal costs incurred by the landowner, whether or not the final decision is in their favour.


This is a win-win situation for a landowner, allowing them to have the best possible chance to increase their Surface Lease compensation while incurring little risk for their lawyer’s fees.


If you have a Surface Lease on your land that is up for renewal, contact our office to book an appointment.




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